Open Carved Mask © Ann Timmins
Blue Heron © Ann Timmins Emergence © Amm Timmins Inspiration © Ann Timmins Tranquility © Ann Timmins Abandoned © Ann Timmins Birthing Glacier © Ann Timmins Dene Mother © by Ann Timmins Regeneration © by Ann Timmins Sunset Mountain © by Ann Timmins Winter Silence © by Ann Timmins Kakisa © by Ann Timmins Sewing the vision of her Children's Future © by Ann Timmins Firewind, Desolation and Hope © by Ann Timmins Dual Persona © Ann Timmins
Tree Angel © Ann Timmins
Tiwn Pine Hill © by Ann Timmins Caribou Bay © Ann Timmins Soaring above the Mountains © by Ann Timmins Team Spirit © by Ann Timmins Angelus Wing d'Or © Ann Timmins Angels Listening to the Drum © Ann Timmins Angel and Embryo © Ann Timmins Aurora Angel Two © Ann Timmins Aurora Angel One © Ann Timmins Stargazer © Ann Timmins Iris Field © Ann Timmins Fleur de Lis © Ann Timmins Lilies Garden © Ann Timmins Wild Iris © Ann Timmins Convergence © Ann Timmins Northern Moon Embraced by the Aurora © Ann Timmins

Each painting is reproduced as a Limited Edition of
50 Giclée archival prints, with a certificate of

The giclée archival prints are printed on Epson Velvet Fine Art acid free cotton rag, printed with Ultrachrome pigment based inks.

As an artist working with a full colour palette, and
creating art either interpreting the natural environment or from my imagination, it is vital to me that each reproduction is colour matched to the original.

Each archival print is protected in a clearvue sleeve
and a foamcore backing.


The original paintings in the print Collection are hand painted with dye on silk. I stretched heavy silk on a large frame and used thickened dye brush strokes as I would with acrylic paint. ‘Abandoned’ is one of the largest 44in x 96in in this selection, ‘Emergence’ is painted on 3 silk panels, each 72in x22in, and the Aurora Angels are 18in x 22in.

Further information about the artwork may be
obtained by contacting Ann at (867) 920-2146.
Note: ‘Dene Mother’ is a Limited Edition of 200 on
Velvet Fine Art cotton Rag - paper size 13in x 19in.

‘Dene Mother is also available as a Limited Edition of 50 on Archival canvas - image size 16in x 28in



OceanCarved Mask (Can $125)

Twin Pine Hill (Can $125)

Blue Heron (Can $125)

Soaring Above the Mountains (Can $95)

Emergence (Can $175)

Team Spirit (Can $125)

Inspiration (Can $125)

Angelus Wings D’or (Can $125)

Tranquility (Can $125)

Angels Listening to the Drum (Can $95)

Abandoned (Can $150)

Angel and Embryo (Can $125)

Birthing Glacier (Can $150)

Aurora Angel One (Can $125)

Dene Mother on Velvet paper (Can $95)

Aurora Angel Two (Can $125)

Dene Mother on archival canvas (Can $275)

Stargazer (Can $95)

Regeneration (Can $125)

Iris Field (Can $95)

Sunset Mountain (Can $125)

Fleur de Lis (Can $95)

Winter Silence (Can $125)

Lilies Garden (Can $95)

Kakisa (Can $95)

Wild Iris (Can $95)

Sewing Vision ...Children’s Future (Can $125)

Convergence (Can $125)

Firewind, Desolation and Hope (Can $125)

Northern Moon Embrace Aurora (Can $125)

Dual Persona (Can $125)


Tree Angel (Can $125)


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