Awake, alive with the sense of touch… working from inside and out, the claylike leather between thumbs but soft as pastry ready to crumble if worked too much. The sculpture has a quality of transformation as it changes from wet clay to shaped sticky clay, becoming smooth or textured, curved in the palm of my hand to form a shoulder, a chin, an ear, nose but more than what I know from drawing.

Clay sculpture © Ann Timmins

 It allows the freedom to release me from the conventional process of following my ‘scientific’ thoughts and ideas. The clay connects me to the ground, to my roots, to my garden, to caves, to underground hidden earth cavities… and then back to the surface, the hardened weather rock faces, lichens painting their growth patterns, tenacious ‘bonsai size’ jack pines twisting from frost-ice cracks in the rock slabs.

I have chosen over the last few years to experience various media, as part of the process of connecting to new sensation and stimuli, and to help me to let go of the thinking process. As I look at the work that has evolved over the past few years, I am aware of the new growth, the exploration of form, painted and textured surfaces.

JTFN Mural                        Dec 2009 to Jan 2010

Ann Timmins receiving thank you Over the last couple of years I have been involved in various community projects, and working on specific commissions. The commission for the Joint Task Force North in Yellowknife was completed over the Christmas break Dec 2009 to Jan 2010.


Robert Berdan Photography workshop 
Peterson Point Lake Lodge   
Studio Painting                              Jan to Mar 2010

The painting 'Caribou Bay' is the first in a series of paintings 'On the land', following an inspiring week of photography at Peterson Point Lake Lodge, given by Robert Berdan, Sept 2009. Berdan's enthusiasm for wildlife and the great outdoors, plus his natural gifts as a speaker and a teacher, gave me an amazing opportunity to participate in a remarkable 'en plein air' workshop.

Caribou Bay photography by Ann Timmins ©



Pat Keenan Figurative Workshop    March 2010

figurative-Sheila by ATIn Yellowknife, the Aurora Arts Society invited Pat Keenan to give a figurative workshop.  During this workshop I made a sculpture of my Mum sitting outside her studio, on Hornby Island.

Pat Keenan showed us how to work with clay to create a human figure, the scale, details and finishing. 

Pat shared his skill and humour, and he will be remembered for his talent creating unique figurative sculptures of people involved in their everyday enjoyment of life.

CARFAC Conference, Banff                   May 2010

Banff Mountain by Ann Timmins ©CARFAC’s National Conference for Visual Artists, provided vital resources and discussions on artist legal issues, copyright, resale rights, gallery /artist relationship, as well as meeting CARFAC members from across Canada.

It was also a great opportunity to tour the Banff Centre for the Arts and to see the artist studio space and experience the inspiring environment.

Jean Pederson Workshop                   July 2010  
Faces and Figure in Watermedia

Jean Pederson Workshop 2010 was a good year. I enjoyed participating in great workshops in particular Jean Pederson’s workshop ‘Faces and Figures in Watermedia’ at Red Deer College. Jean’s week long course with costumed models, life drawing exercises and inspiring presentations, provided a creative study of body language and the process of revealing abstraction within the human form.


In the works…                                 January 2011

My news is visualizing and making art, living each day, believing in art.  I don’t know what the future will bring, I do know the pieces that I have been working to bring to completion, and they will become a body of art work ready to show.


Ann Timmins
(867) 920-2146

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