The cancan dancers forever dancing Caught in the limelight
Night after night
Creating an illusion….

Silk was the textile chosen by
dancers, as women were drawn to the stage to make their livelihood. In my research of the cancan dance, I realized that the threads connecting dancers from one continent to another were the silk fibers reeled from cocoons, creating women’s dresses for over a century.

I chose silk to connect the strength of silk to the women dancers, as they experienced the opposites of public adoration and public criticism, just to earn their own living.

La Chahut (cancan dance) originated in the local taverns anddancehalls in Paris, France. Across the north and western Canada, dancers created their own choreography and some actresses created popular vaudevilleor burlesque routines.

Filled with hopes and dreams of a better life, these women were true pioneers, hiking their way through the Chilkoot Pass, trousseaus in tow, to find their own destiny.

The skill of these women to capture an audience night after night must have been a grueling experience. Biographies of northern women explain how they survived and how some women found new paths for their own independence.

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Dance Sisters by Anne Timmins ©
Agnes by Ann Timmins ©
Lilian by Ann Timmins ©
Jenny by Ann Timmins ©
Charlotte by Ann Timmins ©
MinersMoll by Ann Timmins ©
Lavina by Ann Timmins © Violette by Ann Timmins © Limelight by Ann Timmins © Pearl by Ann Timmins © Magdalena by Ann Timmins ©
Dance Fever by Ann Timmins ©
KatesRoom by Ann Timmins ©

Dance Fever

‘Dance Fever’ is the initial painting for the ‘Daughters of the Midnight Sun’ and ‘DanceCard’ collection of paintings on silk. 
I have found that having a theme for a series of paintings, helps me to get through the long northern winter absorbed by the colour, music and movement of dance.  I danced the Cancan as a teen, in BC, so this memory created an artistic opportunity when I met women in Yellowknife, who created their social gathering and named their group ‘Daughters of the Midnight Sun’. (DMS)

The original silk painting of ‘Dance Fever’ is in the collection of Renata and Sam Bullock - owners of Bullock’s Bistro in Yellowknife, NT  

The original paintings for the ‘Dance Card’ Collection are dye on silk, ranging in size from 72in x 22in to 15in x 30in.
Original silk paintings may be purchased by contacting Ann Timmins. Contact Studio

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Dance Fever (below) size 16.5in x 5in is ready to frame with backing and protected in a clearvue sleeve.


Daughters of the Midnight Sun
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Archival prints - Limited Editions of 250 Giclées
The Giclées are archival quality, acid free cotton rag, printed with Ultra chrome pigment based inks.
Each giclée is ready to frame 11in x 14in (mat & backing included) and protected in a clearvue sleeve.

Dancing Sisters (Can $75)
Agnes (Can $75)
Lillian (Can $75)    
Jenny (Can $75)    
Charlotte (Can $75)
Miner’s Moll (Can $75)
Lavinia (Can $75)    
Violette (Can $75)
In the Limelight (Can $75)
Pearl (Can $75)
Magdalena (Can $75)                   
Dance Fever (Can $75)       
Kate’s Room (Can $75)

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Dance Fever original painting on silk - Limited Edition Archival Prints by Ann Timmins ©



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