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Living on a century old farm on Cobequid Bay, near Burntcoat Head,
location of the highest tides on the Bay of Fundy; has re-orientated our
lifestyle to the tides, the ocean floor, and the ever changing landscapes and colours.
Arriving from Yellowknife in October 2015, we began to plan for the
complete renovation of the original farmhouse. April 2016 we dismantled
the interior walls and ceilings, to expose the timber frame joinery.
The newspapers and wallpapers pasted on the original plank walls inspired
me to begin a photo diary and to keep some samples of the layers of
history dating back to 1881. The transformation incorporated new large
windows and new dormer windows to capture the panoramic Fundy, Five
Islands and Burntcoat Head views. Needless to say, I am inspired to paint...
If you have any questions about the paintings on this website, please feel
free to contact me by email
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