'Arctic Winter Dreams'
Northern House, Vancouver 2010

Arctic Winter Dreams by Ann Timmins ©


'Web of Life' Great Hall
Legislative Assembly NWT 1998
Web of Life by Ann Timmins ©

‘Arctic Winter Dreams’
Interior column mural 12ft x 12ft circumference
Northern House, Vancouver 2010 Olympics. 2010

‘Polar Bear’ - Interior Mural
Joint Task Force North, Yellowknife, NT 2009

Elation’ - Exterior Mural - encouraging youth to celebrate
energy, outdoor activity and striving to live their dreams. Three Panels on the corner of Diamond Plaza, sponsors Aurora Arts Society and the City of Yellowknife. 2008

Yukon Raven -Commissioned to paint surface of 3D raven for the Cultural presentation at the Arctic Winter Games 2008, Yellowknife, NT 2008

Bullocks Feast - Commissioned by Bullocks Bistro, Yellowknife, NT 2006

Dene Mother -Silk panel (43in x 78in)
Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, NT 2006

‘Aurora Night’ Dye on silk painting (40in x 42in)
Northwestel, for the NWT Telephone Directory cover 2001

‘Circumpolar Aurora’ 14 watercolor paintings reproduced on 3M laminate 36in circles installed on interior glass walls Weledeh Catholic School Ambience Commission, NT 2001
‘Birthing Glacier’ silk panel (45in x 84in)
Arslanian Diamond Cutting Works, NT 2001

'La Garderie Arctique' 3 silk panels (each 42in x 42in)
'La Garderie Plein Soleil', NT 2000

‘Nurses across the North’ Artist hand silk screen edition of silk scarves (14in x 72in) NWT and Nunavut Nurses Association 2000


'Gathering for the Birth of the Midnight Sun'
(28ft wide x 16ft high)
Exterior mural for the Ruth Inch Memorial Pool, Yellowknife, NT 2000

‘Prevention of Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy’
Recovery and support from abuse and addiction
Health and Social Services, NT 2000

‘Children of the Aurora’ Acrylic on masonite (84in x 84in)
Yellowknife Catholic School Board, Yellowknife, NT

'Bush pilot Homecoming'
silk panel (45in x 15 ft)
Northern Frontier Visitors Centre, NT 1999

‘A Child in Need’ Watercolor illustration
Health and Social Services, NT 1999

‘Raising Healthy Babies’ Watercolor illustration
Health and Social Services, NT 1999

‘Promote the recovery of birth mothers’ Watercolor paintings
Television campaign promoting healthy family life
Health and Social Services, NT 2000

‘Gallery of the Midnight Sun’
Original art for exterior mural
Yellowknife, NT 1998

‘Itjaliguni’ Original art for ‘Community Wellness’
Hamlet of Pelly Bay, Nunavut 1998

'Towards 2000 and Beyond'
silk panel (45in x 20 ft) ‘Prospects North Trade Show’
Resource Wildlife and Economic Development, Yellowknife, NT 1998

'The Web of life'
12 silk panels each 45in. x 100in
Great Hall, Legislative Assembly, NT 1998