Arctic Winter Dreams’ 2010
Interior column mural     12ft x 12ft circumference

Northern House Pavilion, Vancouver, BC    2010 Winter Olympics.

In the arctic, the water transforms into snow and ice, which in turn transforms everything into abstract and fluid shapes. As a river meanders, it carves a ribbon across the landscape, as a glacier moves it carves and shapes valleys and mountains, and as the ocean pummels the shoreline the rock faces are hollowed and etched. My pen follows the virtual journey to experience land forms, paths and rivers.

Ann began her formal art studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and graduated from the Ontario College of Art with honors in Textile Design and was the recipient of the Inco and Samo scholarships. In Nova Scotia Ann continued her education at the College of Geographic Sciences, and Ann freely admits that the fine art of map making, added to her appreciation of land forms from a unique perspective.

Ann is currently represented by Northern Images in Yellowknife, Trees Gallery in Nova Scotia, and at Northern House, Vancouver, where she was commissioned to paint the mural ‘Arctic Winter Dreams’ for the 2010 Olympics.




The art of Arctic Sport 
       Daron Letts             Northern News Services 2010

Artist Ann Timmins captured the thrill and majesty of Arctic Sport with an artwork displayed at Canada’s Northern House during the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver. Titled Arctic Winter Dreams, the acrylic painting covers a 12ft tall pillar in the venue’s main showcase gallery.

The series for Arctic Winter Dreams began in response to a commission
to design a mural on a 12 ft circumference column, for Northern House during the
Winter Olympics 2010 - in Vancouver.


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(Limited Edition archival prints) (size 12in x 16in)