‘I see myself as a child swimming underwater exploring, amazed and absorbed by this visual, tactile and fluid experience. As an artist I connect these natural elements in my paintings, it is the fluid quality of the water, ink, paint, silk threads, transparency and light energy that reveal this essence of life in my art.’                                                                                                             

My mother ‘Sheila Timmins’ shared with us her amazing gifts as both an artist and mother. Her creativity nurtured and enriched our childhood lives with stories, poems, drawings and paintings. As a full time artist, I appreciate the extent of her achievement as a serious artist, not only in daily creative work, but also her individuality and expression of artistic values. Her art was influenced by her environment, she was raised in Buenos Aires, the 'Paris' of South America, and in | the countryside, she found her life long love for horses and wildlife. She painted a significant body of art, while raising five children, running a farm or working full time to support her children. Even when she took a few minutes to relax she was alert to the needs of friends and strangers alike, and as a life long learner interested in various humanitarian disciplines.




Sheila Timmins

Sheila Timmins Show- CV

Thirty years of Painting by Sheila Timmins
Feb 8 to Mar 1, 1989

Artist Statement:Homage to a Sister © Sheila Timmins
“New shoots sometimes grow from old vines” Art has always been part of my life, moving me towards greater understanding. Our culture predisposes us towards certain values but we need to become open to other cultures and help them to survive. Now, at last, I have time “Si Dios Quire” to working with clear clean colours. Also to working on an even larger scale

Colour is a universal language so requires no words or for that matter, understanding the way that cultural forms do. Children work well with colour as do people from all parts of the planet. A quick trip to Mexico last fall, to settle my sister’s effects, awakened a deeper awareness of the value of colour. ‘Homage to a Sister’ is one that stemmed from that experience. The cemetery after “Dia de los Muertos” (day of the dead) was ablaze with colour tributes.

'Life without colour is unimaginable, fortunately most of us don’t have to try'.
Quote - Sheila Timmins

Original artwork by Sheila Timmins may be viewed in the Studio Gallery webpages. To purchase original artwork by Sheila Timmins contact Ann Timmins.



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